Compassionate Parenting class at Family Village - Longmont

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Genevieve Keller Send E-mail.


Family Village; 350 Terry Street; Longmont CO, 80501

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Saturday, October 13 10:00 am


Compassionate Parenting class at Family Village

If This Is You First Visit To Family Village, They Will Provide Free Childcare

With Genevieve Keller

Saturday October 13th, 10-12:00

We love our children so much, and we can get so overwhelmed…

We so want to support them and guide them, and we get flustered and loose track of what really matters as we are trying to get out the door…

We have prepared everything for a great outing, we have snacks, drinks, diapers, toys, books, change of clothes, and then we snap at our child and it becomes a power struggle…

Does this sound familiar?

Join us to learn new ways to navigate the sometimes troubled waters of parenting.

The intentions around this first introduction to compassionate parenting:

  • Give you tools to meet the challenges of everyday parenting.
  • Gather a community of parents and learn to lean into companionship and support.
  • Practice gentleness with yourself.

Compassionate parenting is about meeting challenges with compassion for yourself and your child, focusing on connection and building trust that everyone's needs matter, turning power struggles into dilemmas.

Genevieve Keller is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication ( She has been studying this conflict resolution process for 10 years. She has seen the transformation in her family, and in relationship with herself. Her passion is sharing practical tools to create solid and joyful connections and to empower people to live their values. Her vision: a world where love, trust and compassion are the uniting principles of all relationships.

“Family Village provides space, connection and support to families looking to grow their village”
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