Listening and Communicating with Our Hearts - Niwot

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Jessica Dancingheart Send E-mail.


Niwot, CO

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Friday, December 01 6:00 pm


Listening and Communicating with Our Hearts

Building Stronger Communities Through Truthful Communication

With Jessica Dancingheart

Friday Dec 1 to Sunday Dec 3

Create and sustain strong relationships. Practice deep listening and communication skills.

In this highly experiential and interactive training, Jessica creates a dynamic and safe learning space for
you to practice:

  • Becoming less reactive and more responsive;
  • Differentiating between what is actually happening and the stories you tell yourself;
  • Connecting with intentions behind actions;
  • Making life-affirming and less costly or tragic choices;
  • Optimally meeting your needs.

These skills will help you:

  • Develop emotional intelligence as you connect to your own values and needs;
  • Connect to shared purposes/values and good intentions;
  • Honestly and authentically engage with others;
  • Ask for what you want in ways that inspire giving.

Testimonial: “This workshop is valuable to anyone who would like greater awareness and more tools for
professional and personal relationships and communications.” - Alice Trembour

Jessica Dancingheart is a skilled facilitator coach who brings her sincere and intelligent leadership to schools, the justice system, workplaces, and private clients. A long-time restorative justice practitioner, Jessica recently worked with the Longmont Public Safety Department on highly sensitive internal discipline and inter-departmental conflict cases. She is part of the "Belonging Revolution" weekly neighborhood walks that foster cohesive communities. She also is leading Restorative Networks, an initiative to bring the restorative principles of relationship, respect, responsibility, repair and reintegration into every aspect of life in Colorado.

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