Self-Empowering Communication - Online

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Evon Davis Send E-mail.

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Sunday, April 08 6:30 pm



Self-Empowering Communication

With Evon Davis

April 8th Self-Paced for 12 weeks. Weekly live group check-in.

Self-Empowering Communication is a 12-Week Program based on NVC principles that focuses on power dynamics within oneself and within relationships. This course adds in my own experience with other consciousness-expanding technologies which I have developed as a Life Transformation Coach and Accredited Facilitator with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, and the benefit of a group of people who will learn and grow together, sharing their experiences as they move through the program.

What happens for most people — because it’s what we’ve all learned to do — is to automatically blame someone or something around us. Or sometimes we blame ourselves.

Many, if not most, of us are operating out of a system of low self-worth. The program runs on automatic so we don’t always hear the basic programming, yet it’s framing our reality, telling us what we are worthy of in our lives and what we are not worthy of. We stay in power over/power under relationship dynamics.

It’s all about the core beliefs embedded in our psyches, starting from birth.

Fortunately, there are ways to change the programming. We can learn how to communicate with ourselves and others in ways that empower us to become fully actualized and communicate with others so they can know our authentic selves. We can be who we came here to be!

If you long to open your heart and feel your deepest desires, transform blocks, unlock and release energy, increase the flow of abundance, empower yourself, and shift into the beauty of your needs to create more fulfillment in any area of your life, please join Evon Davis for this workshop.

This is a web-based program and only requires access to a computer and internet.

Begins April 8th, 2018, Self-paced

Includes a weekly internet conference call through Zoom, Date and Time based on what the participants choose.

Zoom is a free conference call platform easily accessible through the internet. The conference can also be joined by phone.

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