Working With Difficult Relationships - Golden

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Jean Bell Send E-mail.


Jefferson Unitarian Church; 14350 West 32nd Ave.; Golden, CO 80401

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Thursday, April 05 6:30 pm
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Working With Difficult Relationships:

Using Advanced NVC Tools To Bring About Transformation

With Jean Bell, Ken Rosevear, And David Steele

Five Thursdays April 5th to May 3rd; 6:30 to 9:30 pm

This is an intermediate level Compassionate Communication course for people who have some experience with the Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests model developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

Rich Meaningful Relationships

  • Express yourself authentically.
  • Resolve differences by connecting.
  • Deeply understand others.
  • Expose the strength in vulnerability.
  • Listen deeply to yourself and others.

Cultivate Peace And Prosperity

  • Transform difficulties into opportunities.
  • Self-grounding, self-care.
  • Bring compassion to the uncomfortable.
  • Find freedom in creative interaction.
  • Kinesthetic integration with NVC Dance Floors.

If you have been introduced to Compassionate Communication and want to deepen your skills and consciousness we invite you to join us as we practice getting needs met for learning, connection, and fun. Each class will include physical movement (kinesthetic) activities and there will be time for in-depth role playing of real-life situations.

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