Balancing Act - Carbondale

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Kathy Ziola Send E-mail.


Carbondale, CO 81623

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Saturday, April 27 8:45 am


Balancing Act Too

The Power Of Empathy For Caregiver Well-being And Effective Communication

With Kathy Ziola

April 27-28

The Reality of Caregiving:

  • You worry about their well-being.
  • You do your best to be there.
  • You love them. You care about them. You care for them…day… after day… after day.
  • You get overwhelmed, exhausted, hopeless.
  • So much to manage for them. And for yourself.
  • There are misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • So hard to keep life balance when someone depends upon you.
  • It is a big responsibility to be a caregiver whether for a loved one or a patient.
  • It is a challenge to keep your balance, meet their needs...and yours...and your family’s...and the demands of your job, if it is separate.

As Caregivers we long for:

Support, relief, nurturing, space, freedom, flexibility, ease, efficiency, organization, health, empathy and understanding, well-being for both of you, time for yourself, companionship and community, and more!

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