Jessica Dancingheart

Boulder, CO

Jessica Dancingheart is an Empowerment Coach/Relationship Consultant. As a result of working with her, her clients gain happiness, confidence, & connectedness. She helps them become empowered and motivated as they develop healthier relationships with themselves and the other important people in their lives. She has up to two decades of experience learning, practicing, and/or teaching Nonviolent Communication, The Work of Byron Katie, Restorative Justice, body-centered practices, and various spiritual modalities. Informed by our modern-day understanding of how the brain works, her approach is biologically respectful. She offers one-on-one coaching. She also facilitates workshops related to living our best lives; and relationship building, sustaining, and healing. When she is not coaching people and teaching them relationship skills, Jessica is with the people she loves—connecting, engaging in creative projects, playing, and/or actively enjoying yoga, Aikido principles, and the great outdoors. She has been a columnist for Boulder County Kids since 2007. Raised in international communities and formally educated as a scientist and engineer, she brings a good balance of head, heart, cultural diversity, and body awareness to her work.

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