RMCCN Training Festival

RMCCN Training Festival

A Training Festival To Meet The Challenges Of Our Times

March 13 & 14, 2021

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
- Lilla Watson

11 Trainers, 14 Online Events!
Trainers Are Volunteering Their Time To Support RMCCN
Registration Free – Donations Welcome

RMCCN facilitators are coming together as a community:
To support our world by spreading, as widely as possible, the skills to build compassionate understanding across differences;
To support RMCCN by replenishing coffers depleted due to the pandemic shut down so that we can expand our work.

Enroll for free; make a donation if you can.

In these tumultuous times we are living in, one thing is clear - if we want to live our values of unity, freedom, trust, mutual care and respect, we need to develop the competency and capacity to do so. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a body of work created by Marshall B. Rosenberg that helps us develop self- responsibility, deepen our understanding of ourselves and others, and create meaningful dialogues. NVC provides us with concrete tools to align our language with what we really value.

Hence, this invitation to you. Come join Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (RMCCN) facilitators for a weekend of practice and inspiration via Zoom. Learn the skills needed to:
· have more clarity, compassion, and empowerment in all of your relationships;
· transform resistance and reactivity into connection;
· develop trust and collaboration.

We are excited to share with you how Nonviolent Communication is being applied in many areas of life from child rearing, to how to connect across differences and resolve conflicts, to how to create environments that support us in having power together. This training is open to parents, teachers, high school students, social activists, organizations, all professionals, and to anyone who wants to deepen their communication skills.

Our NVC facilitators are donating their time, skills, and heart to support this fundraising event and will donate all proceeds to RMCCN in order to support the organization in sharing Nonviolent Communication as deeply and widely in our community as possible. We are dedicated to providing people with the opportunity to realize the vision articulated by youth poet laureate, Amanda Gorman:
“If we’re to live up to our own time, then victory won’t lie in the blade, but in all the bridges we’ve made. That is the promise to glade, the hill we climb if only we dare it. Because being American is more than a pride we inherit; it’s the past we step into and how we repair it.”

Come join us to bring out the best in ourselves and others to meet the challenges of our lives and to co-create a world where we all can thrive.


Learn the foundational skills and practices of Nonviolent Communication to increase clarity, compassion and empowerment in all of your relationships.

Our emotions serve as a powerful feedback system. They tell us what matters to us. In this session we will address where our emotions come from, investigate the messages we’ve heard since childhood related to our emotions, discuss the importance of building a precise and sophisticated emotions vocabulary, identify our comfort in expressing our emotions, and come to an understanding of the critical nature of giving ourselves permission to feel.

In NVC we explore 4 ways of hearing a message. Would you enjoy having the freedom to respond from a place of equanimity and choice to challenging messages that you hear? In this practice you will develop agency and empower yourself to become aware of your habitual responses, create more choices in how to respond, and learn to start a dialogue with the one who speaks the message.

Personal power flows from a deep connection with our authentic self which can be interrupted by distractions like fear, uncertainty, old conditioning and internal self-talk.

This workshop will offer four ways to mindfully become aware of what’s happening within and outside of the body/heart/mind without adding the usual overlay of judgment, commentary or pressure to act.

Join us for a light-hearted session of exploring ways to quiet the mind, open the heart and connect with the life flowing in and through ourselves and others.

Aprende las habilidades y prácticas fundamentales de la Comunicación No Violenta para aumentar la claridad, la compasión y el empoderamiento en todas tus relaciones.

When we have life-serving processes to harvest the wisdom of our emotions, we stop stuffing them, spilling them onto others, or running away from them. We learn to befriend them and grow our hearts and our understanding of humanity along the way.

In this session, you’ll learn some key concepts of NVC to help you meet your difficult emotions with compassion, and transform them in a way that leads to great insight. Let’s learn and practice together!

Anti-racist and racial justice work is messy! Come wrestle with the spiritual repair & inner work that supports our outer racial justice work. This messiness is diving deeper to unlearn inner whiteness and internalized oppression, by focusing on our relationship to power embedded in our communication. We will explore the intersection of self-compassion, systemic whiteness characteristics of perfectionism, power hoarding & individualism, and the Jewish mystical spiritual component of Kavanah, intention. Setting an intention is much bigger than what we hold inside of ourselves. You will also experience one of Resmaa Menakem’s racialized trauma practices, helping us more fully live into Beloved Community, Radical Love, and Revolutionary Love.

Communication skills are essential for the health of our society and planet as well as for our personal well-being. They enable us to forge a shared reality and build the connections that make visible our common interests and concerns. When common interests and concerns become visible, we call that empathy. When we are in empathetic rapport, we naturally want to support each other. We lose interest in blame: attack and polarization is replaced by respect for diverse perceptions. This workshop will focus on how we bring about empathetic rapport.

The choices we make in how we use our power with children profoundly influence our quality of relationship and what is possible for us to achieve in community. We shift from trying to control behavior to helping everyone take ownership of their behavior - ourselves included. When we have power with children, we model through our intention and actions how to increase our capacity to meet needs in a way that increases everyone’s capacity to meet needs.

Claudia will be presenting on the concepts of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness, as taught by CNVC trainer Miki Kashtan. She will connect each of these concepts to the NVC framework, and illustrate the antidote pathway of liberation of choice, togetherness, and flow.

Much of today’s polarization is driven by how we talk with like-minded people about those on the other side. This workshop will look at polarization within ourselves and our own group. How aware are we of our own "inner polarizer”? NVC can help us have difficult conversations without demonizing, dismissing, or stereotyping.

This workshop will focus on having heart-centered conversations using centering and elements of NVC in speaking and listening. Honesty, empathy, and immediacy flowing from the heart help to create heart-to-heart connection.

Las decisiones que tomamos sobre el uso de nuestro poder con los niños influyen profundamente en la calidad de nuestra relación y en lo que podemos conseguir en comunidad. Pasamos de intentar controlar el comportamiento a ayudar a que todos se hagan cargo de su comportamiento, incluidos nosotros mismos. Cuando tenemos poder con los niños, modelamos a través de nuestra intención y nuestras acciones cómo aumentar nuestra capacidad para satisfacer las necesidades de una manera que aumenta la capacidad de todos para satisfacer las necesidades.

All registrants will automatically be enrolled in this celebration and harvest of learning in community. In this time together facilitators and participants are invited to share their takeaways and inspiration, their learning edges and next steps.