RMCCN Training Festival Fall 2021

RMCCN Training Festival

A Training Festival To Meet The Challenges Of Our Times

November 5, 6, and 7 2021

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
- Lilla Watson

12 Trainers, 17 Online Events!
Trainers Are Volunteering Their Time To Support RMCCN
Registration Free – Donations Welcome

  • RMCCN facilitators are coming together as a community:
  • To support our world by spreading, as widely as possible, the skills to build compassionate understanding across differences
  • To support RMCCN by replenishing coffers depleted due to the pandemic shut down so that we can expand our work.

Enroll for free; make a donation if you can.

In these tumultuous times we are living in, one thing is clear - if we want to live our values of unity, freedom, trust, mutual care and respect, we need to develop the competency and capacity to do so. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a body of work created by Marshall B. Rosenberg that helps us develop self- responsibility, deepen our understanding of ourselves and others, and create meaningful dialogues. NVC provides us with concrete tools to align our language with what we really value.

Hence, this invitation to you. Come join Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (RMCCN) facilitators for a weekend of practice and inspiration via Zoom. Learn the skills needed to:
· have more clarity, compassion, and empowerment in all of your relationships;
· transform resistance and reactivity into connection;
· develop trust and collaboration.

We are excited to share with you how Nonviolent Communication is being applied in many areas of life from child rearing, to how to connect across differences and resolve conflicts, to how to create environments that support us in having power together. This training is open to parents, teachers, high school students, social activists, organizations, all professionals, and to anyone who wants to deepen their communication skills.

Our NVC facilitators are donating their time, skills, and heart to support this fundraising event and will donate all proceeds to RMCCN in order to support the organization in sharing Nonviolent Communication as deeply and widely in our community as possible. We are dedicated to providing people with the opportunity to realize the vision articulated by youth poet laureate, Amanda Gorman:
“If we’re to live up to our own time, then victory won’t lie in the blade, but in all the bridges we’ve made. That is the promise to glade, the hill we climb if only we dare it. Because being American is more than a pride we inherit; it’s the past we step into and how we repair it.”

Come join us to bring out the best in ourselves and others to meet the challenges of our lives and to co-create a world where we all can thrive.



All registrants will automatically be enrolled in this opening celebration and Intention Setting. In this time together facilitators and participants are invited to share their takeaways and inspiration, their learning edges and next steps.


The moment you think you know something completely is the moment you have lost connection. Come learn how to observe in a way that liberates us from our stories and helps bring clarity and compassion to what we are experiencing.


We are living in strange and polarized times in the United States. Although polarization is nothing new in this country, social media landscapes highlight (and exploit) our differences. So many of us are feeling more isolated and divided than ever before. How do we build off-ramps to these spirals? How do we continue to see the humanity in those we vehemently disagree with? What's the point in trying? In this workshop Joanna Douglas Rainey will facilitate an exploration of these and other difficult questions through the lens and posture of Nonviolent Communication.


Marshall Rosenberg said, "Get very clear about the kind of world we would like and then start living that way." In this session we will explore how to live our lives through the lens of trauma, compassion, resilience, self-care and gratitude.


In this session we will explore, notice, and practice untangling constricting THOUGHT PATTERNS that create an inner conflict as they impact and inform our FEELING experience. This skill is key as it supports self-connection, our ability to connect to our NEEDS, and make REQUESTS to make life more wonderful.


You are invited to dance in the energy of connection and explore how NVC helps us ground in authenticity, engage honestly with others and compassionately contribute to change in the world. We will have background information - drawing on an integral framework, guided meditations, breakouts for pairs sharing and group harvest.


The Dynamic Flow of Life is a rhythm between contraction and expansion, where we learn to flow between seemingly opposite experiences. Using a Jewish Mysticism and NVC lens, we’ll explore the experiences of narrowness, spaciousness and the space inbetween. Not “negative nor positive”, these spaces are spiritually illuminated and neutral.


Why do we apologize? What purpose does it serve? What is the relationship between apologies and NVC? When is an apology used as part of a power over dynamic? When is it an expression of power with? Why can it be so difficult to apologize sometimes? What are the benefits of apology? What is the relationship between apology and self connection, or authenticity, or trust, or courage? Come explore.


Do you wonder why some conversations quickly become tense after only a few exchanges? At this interactive workshop, we will learn about the neurobiology of human interactions and the importance of relationship connection as an entry point to problem-solving.


Have you heard the question "Does NVC apply to this situation?" We will be exploring the Who, What, When, Why of your NVC experiences, learning edges, and opportunities. You will assess your NVC competencies and where you would like them to be.


Whether it is self connection or welcoming another, nothing affirms and supports confidence and presence like empathy. It is the magic elixir that reveals the loving intentions beneath our self criticisms and gives us the courage to step into another's shoes. It paves the way for the natural giving that Marshall Rosenberg talks about.

Empathy is multi faceted. It wears a multitude of faces. It can express visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically. It can appear as metaphor, as archetypal journey, as fantastical imagery, or simply as silent presence.

Are you feeling curious because you need adventure? Come explore the multitude of ways that we can express empathy.


Assumptions can be deadly to your relationships! In this session we will explore two key assumptions that can repeatedly block the connection you long for. We will use specific NVC skills and mindsets to practice antidotes to these assumptions so you can shift from disconnection to open-hearted understanding and closeness.


Do you find that when you try to use NVC (NonViolent Communication) or other communication tools in the heat of the moment... when the stakes are high... when it really matters, your attempts to hear and be heard fall flat, you get flustered, or you are just too upset/frustrated/sad/excited to communicate the way you would like?

This workshop will provide some understanding of what could be happening in your brain and your body that makes things so hard when you need these tools the most. We will consider what we can do to learn how to better handle intensity when it really counts.


Somatic abolitionism is living an embodied anti-racist practice and building a shared culture. Racial justice healing work is caring for our individual and collective bodies, allowing us to find accountability, choice, presence and compassion. Using the work of Resmaa Menakem and Roxy Manning, we will practice both as a way to deepen and sustain your racial justice work.


What keeps you from being present, and what is the cost to your wellbeing and your relationships when you aren't fully present? In this workshop, we'll demonstrate three powerful practices to support presence in communication: Increase compassion as a foundation for transformation. Practice empathy with others, whether you agree or not. Self connect through deep inquiry so you show up more impactfully.

Join us to practice staying connected to what is alive in our hearts and our relations, embodying the energy and consciousness of NVC


Are you worn from playing the comparison despair game, which leaves you, your loved ones, and your community coming up short? During this interactive workshop, we will explore how a gratitude practice can serve as an antidote to comparison despair that can help us affect strength-based change in the world.


All registrants will automatically be enrolled in this celebration and harvest of learning in community. In this time together facilitators and participants are invited to share their takeaways and inspiration, their learning edges and next steps.

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