White To White Conversations – Staying In Racial Conversations - Online

Contact Person: 

Susan Kaplan Send E-mail.


These trainings will be conducted through Zoom with both phone-in and video-conferencing options. After enrolling, you will receive instructions for connecting to the call.

Event Begins: 
Tuesday, July 21 4:00 pm


White To White Conversations

Staying In Racial Conversations

With Susan Kaplan and Anita Foxworth

4 Tuesdays, July 21 to August 11th, 4:00-6:00 pm MDT

This is an invitation for you to take the next step. Come learn ideas on how to prepare for and stay in white to white racial conversations. The who, what, when, where, and how about dialogue – internal with your self and with others.

Using the framework of Courage & Renewal practices, we will create a brave and trustworthy space to explore what is on your heart and mind. Learning to be vulnerable and uncomfortable is a first step along with staying with the messiness of racial dialogue. Nonviolent Communication key distinctions and skills will be shared each session to support skill building in these messy and uncomfortable conversations, which often feel chaotic, confusing, entangled with reactivity, and that “what just happened?” feeling when things turn ugly.

In our brave & trustworthy space, you will have time to explore:

  • Questions you are afraid to ask
  • How white people have been harmed by whiteness & white supremacy
  • The needs under being a “good white person”
  • Ways to get unstuck – from frozen broken heart to breaking your heart open
  • Develop a community with others who are concerned about racism
  • How white guilt separates us from our self and others

You will be asked to “bring an ancestor” along in this unlearning & learning process.
So please think of an ancestor (family members, friend or other) who you can contribute to healing generational trauma.

Disclaimer: This event is independently organized. RMCCC assumes no responsibility for this event. RMCCC was not involved in its design or execution and makes no guarantees, implicit or explicit, regarding its quality or content. RMCCC receives no financial or other benefit from this event; it is posted as a service to our community and to support others in growing Compassionate Communication awareness.