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These trainings will be conducted through Zoom with both phone-in and video-conferencing options. After enrolling, you will receive instructions for connecting to the call.

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Sunday, January 17 3:00 pm


Who Are You?!

Discover The True You While Honoring Others

With Dr. Beth Eldridge

6 Sundays Jan 17 to Feb 28 - 3:00 to 5:30pm MST

Are you ready to discover more of the fullness of who you truly are and are meant to be?! Are you seeking personal development that doesn’t just serve the self, but also honors others? Let’s learn powerful skills and processes to build connection, compassionate empowerment, and ‘power with’ in all our relations.

Personal development is incredibly important to human development, yet sometimes it’s done in an overly egotistical way. People start to taste empowerment, and then they slip too far, into making demands and seeking power over others. Or perhaps they look down on others and criticize them for not having the ‘right’ mindset to manifest a better life.

What if there truly is a way to empower yourself and inspire others to show up in their power with you? What if you acknowledge your growth, while being patient and compassionate with others where they’re at. Compassionate Empowered living helps us to get closer to ‘having it all’ in a more inclusive world.

Are you ready to discover more of the fullness of who you truly are and were meant to be?! Let’s learn powerful skills and processes to build self connection, compassionate empowerment, and ‘power with’ in all our relations:

  • Practice accessing your inner guide consistently, despite outside obstacles
  • Learn the 7 core needs that motivate human behavior
  • Explore dozens of variations of the core needs:
    • to precisely identify what you’re celebrating or wanting to change
    • to solve problems creatively in ways that honor everyone’s needs
  • Turn difficult emotions into wise friends
  • Know the ‘yes’ behind your ‘no,’ let joy guide your giving
  • Vet your truth before you set your truth; say what you mean and mean what you say; anticipate and reduce reactivity
  • Make requests resourcefully
  • Detach with love
  • Live from greater abundance
  • Develop compassionate, mutually empowered relationships

In this 6 week beginner / intermediate Compassionate Empowered Communication training, we’ll learn and practice together using relevant issues in our lives, as well as activities such as a fun “Jeopardy” game.

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Beth is the owner of Mindful Living, Learning, and Communication, LLC. She is a heartfelt, compassionate, empowered facilitator and life coach with a deep, inspiring presence. She helps people connect authentically with themselves and others, paving the way to take empowered, compassionate action. She has practiced nonviolent communication and mindfulness since 2005. Beth uses her PhD in education and her teaching skills to make events relevant and engaging. Learn more at: https://mindfulnvc.com/

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