Authenticity, Autonomy, Boundary - Golden

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Ken Rosevear Send E-mail.


Jefferson Unitarian Church; 14350 West 32nd Ave.; Golden, CO 80401

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Wednesday, April 03 6:30 pm
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Authenticity, Autonomy, Boundary

Cultivating Confidence, Security, And Connection By Honoring Yourself And Others

With Ken Rosevear, David Steele, Jean Bell

Five Wednesdays April 3rd to May 1st; 6:30 to 9:00 pm

This is an intermediate level Compassionate Communication course for people who have some experience with the Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests model developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

  • Have you ever compromised yourself in an effort to fit in?
  • Have you ever tried to change yourself so someone would like you more?
  • Have you ever ignored your own needs to avoid potential conflict?
  • Have you ever ignored anothers’ needs because your's seemed more urgent?

We all want to belong. We all seek approval from those we respect. However, when we put up a facade, approval does not connect because it is pretense, not our true self that elicits the approval. Thus we are perpetually insecure and constantly monitoring and censoring ourselves.

When we connect with our core needs and our actions honor ourselves as well as others, the connection becomes nourishing and confidence grows. We feel secure because we are in rapport with our core being which always accompanies us. We are able to engage in relationships that are true partnerships where the connection is authentic and everyone’s needs matter.

Come develop the skills to build authentic connection and autonomous action. Find the courage to say no … and the courage to say yes! Explore what it is like to be in true partnership without domination / submission contention. Learn how to set boundaries in a caring yet firm way. Discover the joy that comes from daring to express what you care about while remaining in balance with everyone’s needs.

If you have been introduced to Compassionate Communication and want to deepen your skills and consciousness we invite you to join us as we practice getting needs met for learning, connection, and fun. Each class will include physical movement (kinesthetic) activities and there will be time for in-depth role playing of real-life situations. For more information or to enroll, visit:

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