Community Calendar

Welcome to the new RMCCN Community Calendar. We hope its enhanced features help you keep abreast of what is happening in the Rocky Mountain compassionate communication community.

January 2018

Saturday 13th Respect, Responsibility, Requests: An Open Heart Training - Denver South Discover the clarity and respect that arise from authentic responses. Explore how cooperation can be more effective than confrontation. Learn how expressing a graceful and honest "no" can build trust.
Tuesday 16th Standing Tall In Troubled Times - Online Discussion Find peace within turbulence; create connection amid adversity. Explore how we can translate talk into practical action that connects rather than divides; how we can be authentically devoted to our own values and yet listen emphatically amid discomfort?
Friday 19th Foundations of Compassionate Communication Level I - Lakewood Based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. in Nonviolent Communication, this training offers a new model of relating that will help you have open, honest and effective communication from the heart. Skills will be built through interactive exercises throughout the weekend.
Saturday 20th The Transformative Power Of Communicating With Compassion - Englewood Each month, RMCCC facilitators lead an exploration into the many facets of Compassionate Communication. Each workshop is unique, focusing on different aspects of Compassionate Communication, accessable to the novice, yet providing opportunity for more experienced students to deepen their practice.
Wednesday 24th Keeping It Real With Compassionate Communication: Creating Connection Amid Difficult Situations - Denver Connection is grounded in security and security requires clarity. Communication is the way we connect. When our communication is unclear, confusion often plagues us. This class explores how we can communicate clearly and listen deeply, thus creating more connection our lives.
Friday 26th Relationships: Clear. Empowered. Together. Learn how to transform your judgments and arguments into understanding and peaceful interactions to meet needs. Learn how to really listen to your partner and share your understanding. Learn how to express yourself clearly and with compassion so your partner can hear and respond with care. Learn how to become heart-fully curious and connected to experience more joy in your relationship.