Facilitator Accreditation Program

One of the primary aims of RMCCN is to support the Compassionate Communication community in the Rocky Mountain area. Although the accreditation program addresses those who wish to share Compassionate Communication and/or related disciplines under the auspices of RMCCN, we want to be clear that our intention is to support anyone who wishes to share Compassionate Communication and/or related disciplines with others utilizing our diverse variety of resources and programs.


The purpose of this accreditation program is to:

  1. Provide clarity to people wishing to present trainings under the auspices of RMCCN.
  2. Provide clarity to clients wishing utilize RMCCN training services.
  3. Ensure that trainings offered under the auspices of RMCCN are in integrity with Compassionate Communication principles as well as in alignment with the vision, mission, aims and non-profit purpose of RMCCN.

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