Connect Before You Correct - Louisville

Contact Person: 

Jessica Dancingheart Send E-mail.


Monarch High School; 329 Campus Dr; Louisville, CO 80027

Event Begins: 
Sunday, January 27 2:30 pm


Connect Before You Correct

With Jessica Dancingheart

Sunday January 27, 2019 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Presented as part of the Parent Engagement Network,
Third Annual Stress and Anxiety Symposium  

Do you find yourself in power struggles? Misunderstood? Disconnected? This workshop will help you begin to understand how to Connect Before You Correct!  

At this brief and highly interactive presentation, suited for adults and teens, you will gain an understanding of how the brain works, and why correction is an ineffective strategy for creating healthy and peaceful relationships. You will be introduced to skills to build mutual understanding, trust and respect, so you can have more fulfilling and productive interactions  

Jessica Dancingheart
Personal and Organizational Consultant
Working with you to build healthier and stronger relationships at work, at home and in your communities.
(303) 589-8420

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