Divine Sparks ~ living our compassion as a spiritual practice - Denver

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Susan Kaplan Send E-mail.


Unity Spirituality Center 3021 South University Blvd Denver, 80210

Event Begins: 
Monday, November 25 6:30 pm


Divine Sparks ~ living our compassion as a spiritual practice

Nonviolent Communication Introduction Series

With Susan Kaplan

Mondays, November 4th – 25th, 6:30 pm to 8:30 or 9:00

A fresh look at the basic skills of NVC through a spiritual lens. Whatever your spiritual or religious practice may be, you will find an enrichment with this course to deepen your compassion practice. Also a wonderful class to take before the holidays of being with family and chosen family – extra tools to support more engaged and a higher quality of connection with each other. Each class will weave NVC basic skills, spiritual practice and concepts & practice for the upcoming week.

Here is a sampler of the topics we’ll be exploring:

  • Finding the Sparks of the Divine in our Self and Others
    listening to find light in Shards of Darkness ( anger, grief, etc.) the power of holding opposites – our needs are never in conflict
  • Shifting our Relationship to Brokenness + Wholeness
    trusting uncertainty while living in a culture of brokenness Tracking Narrow Mind + Spacious Mind
  • Showing up more fully, with authenticity
    aparigraha – grasping to beliefs that no longer serve me Prana (breath & life force) & Ruach– (breath reflects my soul) expensive emotions – the toll on our mind, body, heart & soul
  • Working with the NVC Tree of Life
    putting it all together skills and + Finding Sparks of the Divine how to get out of my own way
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