The RMCCC Compassion Sampler FREE - Louisville

Contact Person: 

Beth Eldridge Send E-mail.


Alfalfa's Market Community Room: 765 E South Boulder Rd; Louisville, CO 80027

Event Begins: 
Sunday, February 17 3:00 pm

Enter the building and go to the back right, toward the bathrooms.
Go up the stairs or elevator to reach the community room.


The RMCCC Compassion Sampler FREE

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Beth Eldridge and David Steele

Sunday, February 17, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Occasionally, RMCCC facilitators lead an exploration into the many facets of Compassionate Communication. Each workshop is unique, focusing on different aspects of Compassionate Communication, accessible to the novice, yet providing opportunity for more experienced students to deepen their practice.

Based on the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) work of Marshall Rosenberg and grounded in compassion and the universality of human needs, NVC helps transform patterns of communication that often lead to conflict or disconnection from ourselves and others. Please join our RMCCC facilitators and discover the many ways Compassionate Communication can contribute to and transform your life.

This month's theme:
Connecting Authentically Through the Beauty of Our Needs

Every action we take is an attempt to be in alignment with our values.
Participate in this class and:

  • Explore the life energy of our values / needs
  • Understand how needs impact our feelings and actions
  • Clarify, individually and with partners, what values matter most to us in a particular situation
  • Uncover the beauty of our needs, even in situations when we feel discomfort or pain
  • Practice experiencing the fullness of a need when we meet it energetically
  • Open to an abundance of strategies to meet our needs
  • Embrace what matters, so we’re empowered to relate authentically and compassionately to ourselves and others

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