RMCCN Presents: Giraffe Talk - Denver

What Is Giraffe Talk?

Giraffe Talk is learning to express thoughts, words, and actions that come from the heart. Children develop communication skills for making life more wonderful! This program is based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, also referred to as Compassionate Communication.

Students practice speaking in Giraffe Talk through improv, role play, stories, puppets, and games. Their new skills are applied to relationship issues with friends, family, school peers, and teachers.
How The Program Works:

The adult giraffe volunteers congregate at noon to develop a plan for the day, drawing on a rich repertoire of possible activities. This enables the team to be responsive to the energy of the class and to give us practice applying compassionate communication principles to specific situations.

Following the adult giraffe preparation period the young giraffes join for the class session where the program unfolds and comes to life.

Finally, when the time with the young giraffes ends, the adult giraffe team reconvenes to share celebrations, mournings, and to look forward to what's ahead.
Our Request:

Giraffe Talk is a combination class for the kids and practice group for the adults. The adults get an opportunity to work together strengthening their own compassionate communication skills as they prepare to model them for the children.

The integrity of the group container built over the course of the five class sessions is an integral part of Giraffe Talk's effectiveness.

We request a commitment to attend at least four and hopefully all five sessions of the Giraffe Talk program.

Contact Susan Jennings using the form below or call her at 303.941.6414.