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3rd Tuesday Every Month; 6:30 pm TO 8:30 pm MT
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When we look out to the world, where do we place our attention?
How often do we count our blessings?
How much time do we spend obsessing about wrongness?
What energy lives within our awareness?
"Many people talk about 'peace on earth'. These days, when I hear such phrases, my mind often goes to 'O.K., but how?' How do we change the habitual perspectives and actions that ferment discord, both withing ourselves and our relationships?"
David leads monthly discussions about compassion, the power of communication, and the importance of integrity and honoring ourselves during these turbulent times. Belonging to a consistent community where we are accepted and welcome provides a powerful anchor to our core essence where we can summon that peace within turbulence and create connection amid adversity.
One of the big questions is, how do we translate talk into practical action that connects rather than divides? How can we be authentically devoted to our own values and yet listen emphatically amid discomfort?
Much of the divisiveness we experience plays out in our own homes and communities with family, friends, and coworkers. This discussion is intended to connect with the personal, with the daily struggles we encounter.
Much of the discussion will be driven by your questions. Use the form below if you would like to submit a question for possible discussion.
Please join us.


David, poet, writer, and life coach, has studied and taught a wide variety of interpersonal communication skills over the last thirty years. He was introduced to NVC in 2000 and has been conducting trainings since 2009. Prior to his introduction to NVC, he studied with Anthony Robbins, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, and Gay Luce. He is a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network.