Facilitator Accreditation Overview And Costs

The accreditation process is open to anyone who wants to deepen their learning, living, and sharing of Compassionate Communication. The RMCCN accreditation training is grounded in the Nonviolent Communication work (also known as Compassionate Communication) of Marshall Rosenberg. The applicant is expected to develop a thorough understanding of Marshall's work. RMCCN provides structure, resources, support, community, and, opportunities to cultivate Compassionate Communication consciousness and skills.

The RMCCN Compassionate Communication Accreditation Program endeavors to help the applicant integrate and live the consciousness as well as develop the skills of Compassionate Communication. To this end, we encourage, but do not require, the applicant to work with mentors who help support their journey as they learn to embody and employ Compassionate Communication.

When the applicant feels ready, having made substantial progress in meeting the Accreditation Requirements, a steward will be engaged to guide them through the intermediate and final steps of the accreditation process. The steward’s focus includes reading and providing feedback on the applicant’s portfolio, tracking requirements needed for accreditation, and reflecting upon and celebrating the skills and consciousness the applicant has developed. The steward will also observe and provide feedback on the applicant’s culminating NVC presentations.

There is a non-refundable $125.00 application fee.
The time spent with mentor(s) will vary from person to person. Financial arrangements with mentors are between the applicant and the mentor(s).
A fee of $750.00, payable to RMCCN, is due when the applicant engages the steward.
Payment plans as well as partial work exchange are options to be discussed with the Accreditation Circle.


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