Purpose And Vision


Empowering compassionate relationships.



A world where everyone’s needs are honored and people are empowered with skills to cultivate peace.


Core Values:

Enriching Life

  • Enriching Life by promoting Empowerment:
    • Promoting Empowerment by supporting clarity, personal response-ability, and life-serving choice;
    • Promoting Empowerment by seeking truth, authenticity, and self-expression;
    • Promoting Empowerment by listening to aliveness and awakening natural giving.


  • Enriching Life by modeling Integrity:
    • Modeling Integrity through the alignment of needs and actions;
    • Modeling Integrity through encouraging authentic expression grounded in mutual respect.


  • Enriching Life by providing Care:
    • Providing Care by consistently working to be efficient with all of our resources;
    • Providing Care by maintaining practices that express and nurture competence and sustainability.


  • Enriching Life by cultivating Community:
    • Cultivating Community by encouraging diversity and honoring interdependence;
    • Cultivating Community by providing mutual support and companionship;
    • Cultivating Community by supporting growth and transformation.


  • Enriching Life by welcoming Celebration:
    • Welcoming Celebration with joy, grace, and wonder;
    • Welcoming Celebration with enthusiasm, playfulness, and humanness;
    • Welcoming Celebration with love.