The Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network

Founded in 2009, RMCCN promotes and supports the awareness, education and practice of Compassionate Communication, a powerful and easy-to-understand way of listening to and communicating with ourselves and others. Also known as Non-Violent Communication (NVC), it empowers people to prevent or peacefully resolve conflicts and arrive at workable solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.

Based in Colorado, but serving the whole Rocky Mountain region, RMCCN maintains a community calendar, offers trainings, supports practice groups, provides mediation and consulting services, and sponsors an online community to connect and support people interested in NVC.

About NVC

NVC was developed 40 years ago by psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. At the core of this communications framework lies the universality of human needs and our drive for compassionate connection. The process involves learning to clearly distinguish observations from feelings, identify the met or unmet needs behind those feelings, and make specific, actionable requests of ourselves or others. For more information about NVC and the global NVC movement, please visit the international Center for Nonviolent Communication website, www.cnvc.org.