Community Calendar

Welcome to the new RMCCN Community Calendar. We hope its enhanced features help you keep abreast of what is happening in the Rocky Mountain compassionate communication community.

February 2024

Saturday 17th MindFest 2024 - Conifer RMCCN wil have a booth. Join us for an extraordinary first-time event, MindFest 2024. Our mission is to bring awareness, education, and unity to our community, breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health. Let's destigmatize and normalize this vital subject together!
Tuesday 20th Empathy-Based Communication - Denver Discover how you can build powerful connections with others, while remaining true to yourself. Drawing from the ground-breaking work of Marshall Rosenberg, you will learn an approach to speaking and listening that will strengthen relationships in all areas of your life.
Wednesday 21st Living Between Worlds - Expanding NVC framework from 1 Need to 5 Levels of Needs - Online • Is your lived experience one of living between different worlds of needs? • What if we didn’t need to choose one need to work with? • In what ways might one strategy better support several key needs?
Friday 23rd Compassion In Action - On Line How we hold and name our challenges can reinforce habitual patterns of reaction or withdrawal that keep us from connecting with the essence of our experience. When we nurture awareness, listen deeply and bear witness to what is happening within us we enter the arena of transformation. In this space of presence, we begin our journey in finding the true source of our power.
Sunday 25th Forest Bathing Walk – Engage with Nature & Relax - Denver Forest Bathing is a practice, created by Dr. Qing Li, in Japan, called Shinrin- Yoku that means taking in the forest atmosphere.
Thursday 29th Welcome, Trust And Belonging - Intercultural Awareness As A Power With Practice - Online “Authentic relationships build trust. Think about the real relationships that you have with your cultural others. What do you do to specifically build trust?” ~ Mary-Frances Winters, Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity, Empathy and Belonging Across Differences.