Organizational Structure

RMCCN follows the sociocratic governance model. Sociocracy uses the term circles instead of committees to emphasize a circular flow of information and decision making. RMCCN is directed by three circles, Governing, Operating, and Advising.


Sociocracy is a people-centered approach to organizational governance that fosters equivalence, connection and effectiveness. Consent decision-making provides everyone in the group an equal opportunity to decide the policies governing their activities, while the circle-based organizational structure promotes accountability and two-way flow of power and information. The result is a dynamic, responsive organization that effectively achieves its aims. To learn more, visit

Governing Circle:

The governing circle is responsible for the over-all guidance of organization. It handles contracts, finances, personal, and legal matters in general. Its members are drawn from the Operating and Advising circles.

Operating Circle:

The operating circle is inward facing, handling day to day operations. It is responsible for planning and executing trainings, professional development, and the accreditation program.

Advising Circle:

The advising circle is outward facing, attending to how RMCCC can serve the public. It is responsible for community out-reach, fundraising, and ways to collaborate with other organizations that are alined with ?RMCCC/s purpose.

Pro Bono Consultants:

Pro bono consultants are people who support our mission by contributing their professional expertise at greatly reduced or no cost. We thank them deeply for their support.