Amy Qiang

Amy Qiang is a CNVC candidate and Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner. She is also the Chairwoman of the Chinese Overseas Parenting Association. Over the past four years, Amy has passionately focused on her own growth and healing while sharing NVC within the Chinese community. She specifically works to help parents increase their awareness and skills for connection and choice.
Since 2015, Amy has lived in Seattle, Washington with her 2 children. Previously, she taught civil engineering in China before moving to the US and becoming a full-time mom for four years. In 2019, Amy began learning and practicing NVC, which helped her to find her true self.

Amy completed the international Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) in 2020-2021, and also completed the Practitioner of Resonant Healing Certification Program in February 2023. She currently assists Stephanie Bachmann Mattei and Sarah Peyton in sharing NVC within the Chinese community.

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