Authentically Us - A Weekend of NVC Workshops Enrollment: Vulnerability And Courage

Authentically Us - A Weekend of NVC Workshops And RMCCN Fundraiser
Vulnerability And Courage
With David Steele And David Shindoll

Saturday May 4, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM MDT

All are welcome.
Our goal is to spread, as widely as possible, the skills to build compassionate understanding across differences, thus we are offering these trainings at no charge.

Donations are also welcome and essential.
We are dependent on donor generosity to continue this work in a way that makes it available to the widest possible audience.

Pick you own amount. All donations whether $5.00 or $5,000.00 make a big difference.
The recommended donation amount for this 2 hour training is $50.00.

We deeply appreciate your involvement.

Fill out the form below to enroll for free:
In addition to your main enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled in the opening and closing Community Gatherings on Friday and Sunday evenings at 5:00 MDT.

An email with Zoom links will be sent a few days before the training.