Susan Kaplan, M.S.W., M.P.A., R.Y.T.

CNVC Certified Trainer
Denver, CO

NVC changed my life! In 1995 I sat in and was transformed by my first NVC workshop. Since then these practices continue to deepen my capacity to show up in our unpredictable and chaotic world right now. This foundation has supported me in actively bringing compassionate presence in my personal relationships to working towards the world that many of us envision. Supporting the best of Humanity characteristics – some of these needs are empathy, compassionate presence, belonging, love, mutuality, …and many more! NVC is a consciousness that supports individual growth to social change, inviting us to continue to find ways to repair & build relationships and systems, and thrive. I offer coaching, training, facilitation and mentoring services, focusing on:

• Restorative Conversations for Families, Congregations, Organizations, Community Groups, and Human Rights Movements
• Communication a Spiritual Practice
• Culture of Care – A Racial & Social Justice Framework with NVC Lens + Intercultural Competence and Power with, and other DEI programs
• Walking with Grief & Loss
• Leadership and Organizational Development, including healing & repair for organizations and congregations who are torn and separated in conflict
• Living a Compassionate Life – personal to organizations
• NVC from basics to advanced practices
• Community Based NVC for accessibility, inclusion and multicultural facilitator prep, based on Power With Partnership Paradigm
• Teaching a 10 week Graduate Social Work Course in NVC
• Combine NVC with other bodies of work - I am a Social Worker, RMCCN Accredited Facilitator, Co-founder of RMCCN, CNVC Certified Trainer®, Parent Peer Leadership Program, Courage & Renewal Facilitator®, Storyteller & Story Listener®, Art of Hosting Facilitator, Circle Work Leader, Yoga Teacher and contemplative practices, Forest Bathing Guide® and Forest Bathing Therapy Practitioner®, Intercultural Development Inventory® Administrator, and Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory® Facilitator, and Warriors for the Human Spirit – Margaret Wheatley’s leadership work.

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