Empathy with "Difficult People" - Online

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Kathy Ziola Send E-mail.


This training will be conducted through Zoom with both phone-in and video-conferencing options. After enrolling, you will receive instructions for connecting to the call.

Event Begins: 
Saturday, December 04 5:00 pm


Empathy with "Difficult People"

With Kathy Ziola

Saturday, Dec 4, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM MST

Join us to learn how to offer empathy to people you might call "difficult." There is an art and science to shifting from annoyed, hopeless and judging to warm and empathic. Come feel the power of empathy!

In this interactive workshop we will focus on Nonviolent Communication empathy skills and practice. It is intended for folks who have had some basic training in the model or who have been studying on their own and wanting to have some live experience!

Discover how to shift out of judgment and inability to respond empathically to offering a warm and empathic response to someone with whom you have a difficult time connecting.

Please come Learn and Practice with companionship and coaching support.

Disclaimer: This event is independently organized. RMCCC assumes no responsibility for this event. RMCCC was not involved in its design or execution and makes no guarantees, implicit or explicit, regarding its quality or content. RMCCC receives no financial or other benefit from this event; it is posted as a service to our community and to support others in growing Compassionate Communication awareness.