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This is an on line self paced course where you decide how it fits into your schedule.

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Monday, September 18 6:00 pm
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With Kathy Ziola

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Frustrated with misunderstandings, disconnection, or just plain lack of satisfaction in your important relationships? Learn the first power tool for creating harmonious relationships; Empathic Listening & Responding. Learn how to deeply understand others so you become resourceful together.

People are starving to be heard!
Do you hear them repeating themselves and feel frustrated when you have told them you get it.
Perhaps people you care about share with you and you feel at a loss for how to respond. Do you give your best advice and stories and wonder why they shut down? Maybe your kids or even co-workers have actually said to you "You never listen to me!"

Disconnection, frustration, disappointment, surface level relationships. These are what you can potentially look forward to without taking action to expand your listening skills.

It is Time to Make a Shift!
There was a time in my life when anger, reactivity and defensiveness would come up suddenly in relationships and I would be saying something I regretted before I knew it. Or I would share what was important to me and not feel heard and understood. I would give advice to my kids or friends only to be met with objections. I would think I was listening and I was really planning what I would say next instead of really being present. The other person would sense this. They did not feel they were heard because I would go right to my response before letting them know I had received their expression. When these behaviors are the ways we relate, there is a great loss of connection. There is a lack of warmth and true understanding and care. Even "I statements" don't work well when they attribute responsibility for our feelings to others.

Ahh, any of this sound familiar?
I have learned and taught Nonviolent Communication since 2005. The quality of my interactions and relationships improved exponentially as I implemented this work. I remember the day when my daughter at age 15 said to me "Thank you for being such a great listener, Mom. I am lucky to have you. Other moms don't listen like you do." It was a deeply satisfying moment! Empathic listening is a power tool that I have been honing for years. I am so excited to share the principles and skills with you to help you make the shift into heart to heart understanding in whatever interactions you engage.

Find out more at: https://kathyziola.mastermind.com/masterminds/38204

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