Facilitator Accreditation Training and Presentation Requirements

  1. Take 200 or more hours of accepted Compassionate Communication training:
    A) Classes and workshops taken with RMCCN accredited facilitators.
    B) Classes and workshops taken with CNVC certified trainers.
    C) Other relevant trainings considered on a case by case basis.
    D) Any class taken through RMCCN (introduction classes, foundations classes, etc.).
    E) 25 of these hours can be taken through approved Compassionate Communication (NVC) tele-classes.
  2. Assist in three or more RMCCN workshops.
  3. Provide the steward with journals, key differentiation write-ups, lesson plans, exercises, and props you created, compiled into a portfolio that illuminates your growth and transformation during the accreditation process.
  4. Present 8 or more trainings totaling at least 50 hours of facilitation, with a minimum of 3 trainings where you are the sole facilitator and 3 where you co-facilitate. Of the 8 trainings, we request that one of them be a solo facilitation of 6 hours or more and that one of them be a co-facilitation of 6 hours or more. These 6 hour trainings can occur in one day or span several days.
  5. Provide, from two or more presentations, at least 10 feedback forms from training participants. Provide, from two or more presentations, at least 6 feedback forms from peers.
  6. Exhibit proficiency in all aspects of the Compassionate Communication (NVC) model, including observations, feelings, needs, requests, empathy, self-empathy, processing anger, protective use of force, mourning, and gratitude. Demonstrate the ability to know, embody, and share Compassionate Communication through journaling, presentations and trainings, interactions with the mentor(s) and steward(s), and the criteria listed in the Facilitator Accreditation Candidate Rubric.
  7. The program culminates in the presentation of two additional and substantive trainings in the presence of the steward, integrating what you have learned and demonstrating your proficiency at sharing Compassionate Communication.


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