Living Between Worlds - Expanding NVC framework from 1 Need to 5 Levels of Needs - Online

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Wednesday, February 21 5:00 pm
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Living Between Worlds

Expanding NVC framework from 1 Need to 5 Levels of Needs

With Susan Kaplan

Wednesday, February 21, 5:00 – 7:00 pm MT

• Is your lived experience one of living between different worlds of needs?

• What if we didn’t need to choose one need to work with?

• In what ways might one strategy better support several key needs?

• How might your Power With practice expand your relationship to needs – within yourself and with others?

Understanding the complexity of needs and the lived experiences of many people has opened my curiosity to deepen authentic conversations about NVC framework – what if we could recognize 5 levels of needs within us?

Come play with this new model of needs, for inclusion & support for those who live between worlds all the time. We move from the simplicity of the binary perspective of either/or, separating us from each other and from our own communities of identity.

We'll explore possibilities with five levels of needs and ways to hold them all with care, perhaps finding strategies that might support more than just "one need" at a time.

In this workshop you will be introduced to this model of 5 level of needs. We'll work with your own examples to discover the freedom and trust that arises when we can
fully listen to our own needs and those of others.

The NVC key distinction of Needs is a transformative, counter-culture concept that has been freeing for thousands of people! This session will invite you to understand needs on many levels and how it can feel "violent" to many to pick one need to work with.

The process of recognizing many need levels has helped me personally deepen my self-empathy practice and improved the quality of connection to communities that I belong connect with. Levels include within self, relational to my communities of identity, relational to another person, organizational + systemic and global health.

From many conversations with others who are often under-served or under-represented in NVC communities, this model might be helpful for understanding the tensions of having many felt needs at the same moment.

Spiritually, I have also come to identify 5 additional internal layers of body, mind, heart, soul and social needs. Being able to hold all of these areas have helped me create a greater sense of wholeness and deeper self empathy.

Come join in a rich exploration and conversation. I would value your experience with this model and feedback!

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