Metabolizing Intensity And Authentic Presence - Online

4 Saturdays October 1 - 222; 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. MT
Online VIA Zoom

Tuition $80 - $160 Sliding Scale (Additional Scholarships Available)


"Authentic presence – there is nothing more powerful!."
– David Steele

When beset by confusion and uncertainty how do we find equilibrium? What is the consistency that we can rely on? Our intellect, devoted to our safety, can not track all of the possibilities, inviting doubt and insecurity. Our heart, deeply effected by what is happening, may need to take a break, shutdown, and disconnect.

When we are disconnected from our own essence, our own sense of self, we look to the world around us searching for just the right circumstance to bring us peace and comfort. Since the external world is beyond our control, we are thus plagued by doubt and insecurity, and the urge to try to control what is happening can become overwhelming.

When we connect with our deep essence, are true to ourselves, become clear about what really matters, then we begin to develop trust and stability. When our security does not totally depend on external events, and we bring compassion to our doubts and insecurities, we feel a warm accompaniment and affirmation that soothes us. In the midst of turmoil we find strength and security.

Come Explore The Four Steps To Cultivating Authentic Presence:

Step 1: Bring our "head and heart" together in companionship, stand tall in our own authenticity, and trust.

Step 2: Observe without cowering or embellishing, without leaning forward or back, but rather residing in the stability brought by honesty.

Step 3: Accept ourselves without condition, realize that who we are right now is enough, bring visible our worth.

Step 4: Reach beyond ourselves to shared purpose where we are not alone and create relationships filled with support and compassion.


David, poet, writer, and life coach, has studied and taught a wide variety of interpersonal communication skills over the last thirty years. He was introduced to NVC in 2000 and has been conducting trainings since 2009. Prior to his introduction to NVC, he studied with Anthony Robbins, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, and Gay Luce. He is a co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network.