The Nonviolent Communication Fundamentals Online Fall 2022 Training

Friday, December 2, 5-7 PM MST; Saturday, December 3, 1-5 PM MST; Sunday, December 4, 1-5 PM MST
Online VIA Zoom

$250 (Partial Scholarships Available)


"Your presence is the most precious gift you can give to another human being."
– Marshall Rosenberg

Creating meaningful and empowering relationships NOW

Communication engages our whole being. We use words, our voice, our facial expressions and our body language. At the same time all this is happening we are infusing the many assumptions and beliefs we hold about life. Nonviolent Communication invites us to become aware of how we express ourselves with words and body language. It offers us tools to develop skills that guide us in re-framing how we truly want to express ourselves and hear others. This 10-hour training is a dynamic introduction and review of the NVC mindset and its key principles. We will study and practice these essential skills in a spirit of open curiosity and respect for what is alive and real in each one of us.

In many traditions fall is a time to celebrate the bountiful gifts we harvest. It beckons us to its banquet as we move inwardly and connect with all our resources. Nonviolent Communication(NVC) aka Compassionate Communication guides us with gentleness, depth, and clarity as it engages us in retrieving this intrinsic wisdom and in implementing it in our daily lives.

We celebrate by:

  • Clarifying what really matters
  • Listening to our deep longings
  • Nourishing our hearts
  • Participating in life’s verve
  • Creating empowering relationships

Gift yourself this opportunity to EXPLORE and ENGAGE with the abundant resources that live within you. DELIGHT YOURSELF as you re-discover your ability to TRUST the inner flow of giving and receiving that is at the core of Life’s feast. Give yourself and your relationships (home or work) the opportunity to BELIEVE in each other again and have HOPE that we all at the very core just want to live happier and fulfilling lives./p