NVC Immersion And Trainer Development Program

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Kathy Ziola Send E-mail.

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Saturday, October 16 9:00 am


NVC Immersion And Trainer Development Program

An Immersion Learning Experience

With Kathy Ziola

9 Month Immersion Learning Experience Beginning October 27.

  • Do you share in the passion for NVC?
  • Are you facilitating NVC groups or classes?
  • Would you like to deepen your NVC consciousness and skills?
  • Would you like to share NVC by facilitating groups or classes?
  • Would you like to develop or expand your skills as a facilitator?

Announcing the 10th year of the NVC Trainer Development Program.

This is Colorado’s only extended length program designed to support deep personal immersion and development for new trainers. Eight months duration – September 2017 – April 2018 Includes: 8 full weekend trainings, 8 two-hour tele-classes, 8 private coaching sessions, and ongoing buddy support. One weekend of assisting a training is also included. This counts as 24 days of training toward CNVC certification. Intention – to support individuals in deeply integrating NVC and to facilitate trainer development on multiple levels as participants move toward effectively sharing NVC and/or becoming a certified trainer. If you are not interested in becoming a facilitator or trainer, this program will serve you in deeply integrating the consciousness and skills through the immersion experience and individualized attention to your goals. Purposes – Provide a supportive and nourishing learning environment. Provide information, resources and learning experiences to support trainer development Give feedback and coaching in group and one on one settings Explore and process topics relevant to NVC training Develop and support NVC consciousness and skills in each participant Intended

Includes: Nine two-day weekend trainings, 9 two-hour vidoe-classes, 9 private coaching sessions and ongoing buddy support. Assisting one online training series is also included. If all components of this program are completed it will be 24 days of training.


  • Clarity and integration of Key distinctions
  • Increased embodiment of nvc consciousness & skills
  • Supported experience in presenting nvc with feedback and coaching
  • Increased capacity for presence and self awareness when reactivity arises
  • Skill in facilitating an active group
  • Development of your learning materials and exercises
  • You will have created and implemented a plan for sharing nvc that is congruent with your skill level and both challenges you and supports your success
  • You will have experienced personal process and healing using NVC
  • You will have experience facilitating individual process
  • Confidence in leading practice groups and presenting basic NVC classes
  • 212 hours training with a CNVC Certified Trainer


  • Full participation in weekend trainings, conference calls and individual coaching sessions to the best of your ability. This serves you in your learning, and the group and me in having continuity and ease in the learning and group experiences.
  • Homework completion between sessions supports your practice and integration
  • Regular phone meetings with a buddy for consistent mutual support and empathy
  • Assisting at on full weekend training offered by Communication Works during the 8 month period.

Helpful Experience (Individual interviews will determine a good match.)

  • Level I and Level II Compassionate Communication Foundations Trainings
  • Participation in NVC training and practice group
  • Participation in one NVC retreat experience of 4-7 days or an IIT (International Intensive Training from the Center for Nonviolent Communication)
  • Intention to share/teach NVC (optional)

For a complete listing of Kathy's events, visit https://nvctrainingsource.com/calendar-events/

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