Open Heart Series Overview

Open Heart Series

Transformation Through Compassion

"He who looks outside dreams; he who looks inside awakes."
- Carl Jung

The Open Heart Series explores how a compassionate spirit coupled with nonviolent communication principles can transform our lives. These experiential training have defined structures for the mind, feelings exploration for the heart, and kinesthetic activities for the body.

This integration of mind, heart, and body, held in compassionate awareness, is designed to produce a sense of wholeness where we are able to welcome who we are unconditionally and experience our totality. We then recognize our kinship with others; our relationships and quality of life deepens, and aliveness burns brightly within the present moment.

Each month delves into a different topic. Session stand alone and can be taken individually. The sessions also complement each other without repeating material so the series can be taken as a whole. Click on a topic below for a description of what is covered in that session.

Respect, Responsibility, Requests:
Empowerment through cooperation.

Discover the clarity and respect that arise from authentic responses.
Explore how cooperation can be more effective than confrontation.
Learn how expressing a graceful and honest "no" can build trust.

Freedom is one of the most fundamental human yearnings. In order to be free we must interact without coercion, associate freely. Yet to be effective in our world we must also get things done, attend to the necessities of life. What draws forth our willing participation? What inspires us to put forth effort? These are questions that must be addressed if we are to associate freely without coercion.

Respect is an expression of value, of understanding. It inspires our contribution. We demonstrate our respect by being responsible. Responsibility places us at the epicenter of our own experience where we can choose how we process and express, where we can respond with consciousness and deliberation. When we are inspired by respect and act responsibly, we enhance self esteem. We gain the confidence, the security, the courage to be in integrity and honor boundaries. This is the foundation that enables us to live in a world of requests, cooperation, and freedom.

Requests are where the "rubber meets the road" in relationships. They are how we negotiate the details of daily living in relationships. Have you ever kept hidden what you would dearly desire because you might hear a no? Have you ever said yes to a request when a no lived in your heart and then felt guilty about not following through with what you promised? When we learn to put our attention on what is precious, both within ourselves and others, and when we learn to act responsibly, with consciousness and deliberation, we summon the courage and inspiration to honor our own boundaries and be attentive to the boundaries of others. We learn to live in integrity, cooperation, and freedom in the midst all of the yeses and nos.

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4 hours



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General Public Training
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