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Brian GastBrian is an executive coach and corporate team alignment expert as well as an author and speaker. Brian’s clients include DeVry Inc., Shamrock Foods, Polycom Corporation, and Clear Channel Communications. Prior to launching his coaching company, Quadrant Corp, in 2001, Brian was the CEO of three Colorado-based telecommunications companies. Contact this Facilitator
Gregory Rouillard, M.Div.CNVC Certified Trainer Bio: Gregory is a CNVC Certified Trainer and Master of Divinity graduate of Naropa University. He envisions a world where people live, work and play in nurturing communities, moving together with connection and inclusion to achieve effective outcomes. He is co-founder and current Director of Family HEART Camp, a non-profit offering a unique experience of compassionate community grounded in the principles and practices of NVC. Gregory also offers systemic healing, mutual learning and systems development for communities through The Way of Community. He is currently traveling the world to bring connection and meaning to communities everywhere.Contact this Facilitator