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Thursday, July 22 6:00 pm


Respect, Responsibility, Requests

Empowerment through cooperation

With David Steele

Two Thursdays July 22 and 29; 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. MDT

Have you ever said “yes” to someone when a “no” lived in your heart, and then felt very uncomfortable about the way you followed through, to the point that you dreaded your next encounter with that person?

Have you ever kept secret what you deeply want, out of the fear that you will hear a “no” if you ask for it, and then felt resentment toward the other person because they don't seem to care about what is important to you?

From what root does respect grow? How is it nourished? What fruit does it bear?

How do we express responsibility? What awakens a responsible attitude? How does it empower us?

If we want to live in a world free of coercion and domination, requests -- not demands -- must become the backbone of our interactions as we negotiate the give-and-take of daily living. Respect and responsibility are the ingredients that combine to form that backbone.

Making requests leaves us vulnerable to hearing “no” and the accompanying feeling of rejection. Making requests makes us vulnerable, because we reveal what we truly care about. It is this very vulnerability that earns the respect of others and inspires responsibility.

However, we will not allow this vulnerability if we lack an inner sense of confidence and security. Thus, the strength and courage to make true requests is rooted in self-esteem, in clear personal boundaries, in the knowledge that we can take care of ourselves. In other words, the strength and courage to make true requests rests in self-respect and knowing that we are responsible for the way we perceive the world.

Come get brave and courageous, connect with what is precious within you, explore the art of respect, responsibility, and requests.