RMCCN Presents: The Storyteller and the Witness

Two Tuesdays June 22 and 29; 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. MDT
Online VIA Zoom

Tuition $40 - $80 Sliding Scale (Additional Scholarships Available)


"If you want to change your world, change your story."
– Anonymous

  • Learn how to deliberately act rather than automatically react.
  • Recognize and change habits that confine you.
  • Tap the deep wisdom within yourself.

We human beings are storytellers. As events unfold in our lives we describe them to ourselves, assigning meaning, ascribing motives, and rendering experience coherent. We then share our stories with others and forge a common experience. We communicate. We create relationships.

Some stories highlight division, other stories promote connection. There are stories of helplessness and stories of triumph. When we become too deeply identified with our stories, we feel compelled to defend them, or to attack stories that seem foreign. We thus live in a world of strife.

When we learn to identify with the storyteller, the witness, rather than with the story itself, we learn to choose stories deliberately rather than reflexively. Foreign stories no longer threaten us and we have no need to defend our stories. They become rooted in compassionate understanding, serving us instead of confining us. We discover a world of loving intention, a world of forgiveness, a world of respect and companionship. We become free.


David, poet, writer, and life coach, has studied and taught a wide variety of interpersonal communication skills over the last thirty years. He was introduced to NVC in 2000 and has been conducting trainings since 2009. Prior to his introduction to NVC, he studied with Anthony Robbins, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, and Gay Luce. He is a co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network.