Standing Tall In Turbulent Times Overview

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Standing Tall In Turbulent Times

Finding Strength And Stability Amid Tension And Turmoil

"“Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are in fact one and the same." - Marshal Rosenberg

Standing Tall is about finding strength and stability amid tension and turmoil; about drawing strength from our conviction so we can listen fully to others; about finding deep wisdom in authenticity.

Warning, this event is serious about healing divisiveness and conflict; it is not for the squeamish. It asks us to look deeply into ourselves, into what we hold dear, and then to set aside blame and criticism, considering what deep values motivate those with whom we disagree.

There are three components to the training:

  1. Shifting Our Focus From What We Are Against To Standing Tall In What We Hold Dear.
  2. Connecting Is More Powerful Than Convincing.
  3. Practice.


1. Shifting Our Focus From What We Are Against To Standing Tall In What We Hold Dear: When we focus on what we value, what we stand for, rather than simply railing against what we object to or are threatened by, we set aside helplessness in favor of security, oppression in favor of innovation. We step into our power. From this empowered state it is possible to creatively engage what we find threatening, building transformative connection and moving from conflict to common purpose. Honoring Your Deepest Values:

  • Find deep wisdom in authenticity.
  • Trust in what matters most to you.
  • Acknowledge your aspirations.
  • Draw strength from conviction.
  • Listen deeply to yourself and others.


2. Connecting Is More Powerful Than Convincing: Grounded in what we hold dear, in our own authenticity, our nervous system calms down and we are able to listen rather than refute. We can become curious about views and actions that disturb us and seek to understand the motivations that support those positions. When we try to convince it is easy to tune us out. When we show that we are genuinely care about what someone holds dear, they are likely to care about what we hold dear. When we connect, this provides a foundation to begin seeking what we have in common rather than amplifying our differences, supporting us in healing frayed relationships.
Strength Drawn Of Commitment

  • Tap the courage of your convictions.
  • Persistent determined action.
  • Expanded presence.
  • Identifying common cause.
  • Integrity Amid Disagreement.


3. Practice: This training is experiential and provides an opportunity to work with issues from our own lives and incorporate the insights into our heads, hearts, nervous systems, and consciousness. It is about walking the talk and supporting one another in transformation. The first class begins by anchoring in what is important to us. By the fourth class, we will practice using the skills we have learned to respond to and maintain calm in difficult situations.

Program Length: 

A 4 hour introductory class followed by an optional more advanced 4 hour class.



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General Public Training
Volunteer Opportunity

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