Vaccinate Your Communication, Mask Up With Empathy! - Online

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Tom Cerny Send E-mail.


These trainings will be conducted through Zoom with both phone-in and video-conferencing options. After enrolling, you will receive instructions for connecting to the call.

Event Begins: 
Wednesday, November 03 6:30 pm


Vaccinate Your Communication, Mask Up With Empathy!

A Compassionate Communication introductory course around the topic of Covid, masks and vaccination.

With Tom Cerny

5 Wednesdays, Nov 3 to Dec 1, 6:00 - 8:30pm MDT

Can’t understand why these people won’t get vaccinated or wear masks?
Don’t they care about others and understand the facts?

Can’t understand why those people don’t respect individual choice and want you to double mask and triple vaccinate in order to live normally?
Don’t they understand how important our rights to free information and informed choice through critical thinking are?

A 5-part virtual introductory and practice course to help us connect with each other through seemingly opposite opinions and give us the tools to express our desires and ideas honestly, while taking responsibility for them without blaming each other.

Tom Cerny has been studying and practicing NVC for over 3 years. He’s recently completed a 1-year Trainer Development Program with a CNVC certified trainer and has lead several practice groups. He’s now offering this course on the path to becoming a certified trainer himself.

Disclaimer: This event is independently organized. RMCCC assumes no responsibility for this event. RMCCC was not involved in its design or execution and makes no guarantees, implicit or explicit, regarding its quality or content. RMCCC receives no financial or other benefit from this event; it is posted as a service to our community and to support others in growing Compassionate Communication awareness.