On January 21, 2017 millions of people gathered in cities all around the world to celebrate women and all that we have to offer the world. In NVC language, we would say that it was a “thank you,” an expression of gratitude, and a “please,” a request for recognition of all the contributions that women make in the world.

Something came alive in me that I am longing to share, and I want to say first, that this is my perspective. I own it. So if you read this blog post and have a different perspective, I want you to know that I honor the multitude of perspectives and feelings about this event. I'm requesting an openness to considering the perspective I'm going to share here, and letting you know that yours is equally valid.

What came alive in me was the phenomenal power expressed in those gatherings, and there were expressions of love, gratitude, sharing, connection, singing, and chanting. Feelings of awe came up in me when I saw the video images of all these gatherings around the world, especially that it was primarily an expression of feminine energy, and primarily a non-violent expression of feeling. In fact, I don't know of any violence in any of those gatherings, so it's possible that they were completely non-violent, which warms my heart.

The gatherings were an expression, a form of communication, to announce what matters to women (and to men), and a request to have needs met that are important to us.

What I wanted to offer is that if we can stay focused on the needs we long to have met and what that might look like and feel like in our lives, in our hearts, and in our bodies, we have a significant chance of having those needs met.

It's the focus on the fullness and beauty of the needs, which is the way we make a request using the language process of non-violent communication. And it's not just the language that we use, whether spoken aloud with our voice or in writing, or with the feelings in our heart, or the words we think inside our heads, or through our actions. If we focus on what it would look like and feel like to have our needs met, staying in the vibration and feelings of love, gratitude, joy, and peace then we are coming from the vibration of abundance and trust, the vibration of creation, and women are uniquely qualified to create and then nurture that creation.

Of course men are important to this creation process as well! We are equal partners in the creative process.

The point is that when we stay in the energy of abundance, the fullness and beauty of our needs being met, feeling in our hearts, minds and bodies what that looks like, sounds like, and feels like, we send out the vibration of creation and it is the most powerful force in the universe. Love, gratitude, and compassion are the most powerful forces of creation in the universe.

When you bring together millions of people focusing on that creation, it become UNSTOPPABLE. Yes, there is a difference when we come from the energy of abundance, love, gratitude, and fullness than when we come from an energy of deficit, judgment, shame, blame, or hate.

Many people have strong feelings toward the new Trump administration and his supporters. I'm not suggesting that we repress our feelings when our needs are not being met, rather that we flood it with the loving energy of empathy, so we can move back into the creative energy of love, gratitude, joy, peace, abundance, and the beauty of our needs being met.

When we stay in those creative vibrations (allowing spaciousness and empathy for any painful feelings that may arise) we will create very quickly. And, as I stated above, that creative power is UNSTOPPABLE.

If everyone of those people who gathered, or were there in spirit, channeled that energy of love and gratitude and trust, like a wave it flows out into the world and the power of that energy to create is truly and undoubtedly UNSTOPPABLE. In fact, experiments have actually shown that the energy of love, joy, gratitude, trust, compassion, and abundance are more powerful vibratory energies than constrictive feelings of judgment, fear, shame, blame, and scarcity. Not only are they more powerful, but they are literally the vibrations of creation (this has been scientifically proven, though I don't have space here to cover all of those experiments).

In fact, if the energy of creation was strong enough that day, January 21, then in truth, it has already happened; it has already changed the world. Sometimes it can take a bit of linear time for it to show up in the external world, but on the energetic field it would already be imprinted.

If the energy of judgment was stronger, then the deficit of the need will probably persist. That tells us that we have a choice where to focus our attention every day, either on the fullness and beauty of the needs met and the feelings of love and gratitude that accompany it, or focusing on the deficit and the feelings that unmet needs often engender: fear, judgment, shame, blame, and scarcity.

We have the power to create either, the fullness of the needs being met, or the deficit. The paradox is that it is the feelings and vibration of needs met that is more likely to lead to the needs being met, while the feelings and vibration of unmet needs is more likely to lead to the needs remaining unmet. So we are called on to feel the emotions of love, joy, trust, peace, and gratitude in the fullness of needs being met prior to seeing it in the external environment that actually leads to the needs being met!

The most important thing is that regardless of where your feelings and energy are, those feelings can all be held with care, just to notice, to observe, to give empathy and compassion to the loving energy underneath the fear, underneath the blame, underneath the anger.

I understand that for many this may require a leap of faith. I'm just asking that you take in these words and ponder them. Then observe what comes up for you and whatever it is, hold that close to your heart, flooding it with love, compassion, and empathy.

And if you come to the conclusion that learning the language of non-violent communication could create a world where everyone's needs are met, then I hope you'll join us, either at our practice groups, our workshops, or our upcoming 8-day retreat in June.

I am in deep gratitude to all my fellow Americans. I trust that we all love this land and bless it in our own unique ways. And I am in deep gratitude to all my fellow Earthlings. I trust that we all love this earth and bless it in our own unique ways.


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