Authentically Us - A Weekend of NVC Workshops With The RMCCN Community - Spring 2023

Authentically Us - A Weekend of NVC Workshops With The RMCCN Community - Spring 2023

Authentic Presence – There Is Nothing More Powerful

June 23, 24, 25, 2023

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom..”
- Nin

15 Facilitators, 20 Online Events!
Facilitators Are Volunteering Their Time To Support RMCCN
And Its Mission To Support Empowering Compassionate Relationships And To Promote Peace
Registration Free - Donations Welcome

Registration Closes June 23 At 6:00 PM MDT

  • Autonomy and community are both essential for human well-being.
  • RMCCN has gathered a community of facilitators and invited them to express themselves authentically by picking topics that inspire them.
  • We have undertaken this effort:
  • To support our world by spreading, as widely as possible, the skills to build compassionate understanding across differences.
  • To support RMCCN in having resources to expand our reach to diverse communities, providing co-learning opportunities where we can explore engaged and compassionate life together.
  • To provide facilitators opportunity to hone and expand their skills as they spread NVC awareness throughout the world.
  • To provide participants a diverse array of choices to find relevant ways to bring NVC alive in their lives.

Enroll For Free - Make A Donation If You Can

Registration Closes June 23 At 6:00 PM MDT

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Session Recordings

RMCCN is experimenting with recording sessions.

All recordings will be available to anyone who donates at least $50.00 total.

Not every session will be recorded.

Check the individual session for recording status.

Special provisions for recordings access have been made for people living outside the United States where making donations can be a problem.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication model, RMCCN's mission is to promote peace and diminish violence by exploring ways of being, ways of communicating, that support us in developing rich and meaningful relationships with others, help us find peace and serenity within ourselves, and illuminate common ground where we can come together in community.

In these tumultuous times we are living in, one thing is clear - if we want to live our values of unity, freedom, trust, mutual care and respect, we need to develop the competency and capacity to do so.

Being true to ourselves while being considerate of others is one of the major challenges we face in this time of cultural upheaval. Come explore the skills and experience the consciousness that allows us to stand tall in who we are while bringing compassionate understanding to others at our Authentically Us Weekend Of NVC Workshops. Check it out!



All registrants will automatically be enrolled in this opening celebration. In our time together we will have the opportunity to get to know each other and share interests and intentions for the weekend. Individual exploration is important. So is the accompaniment brought by being a part of a community. You are invited to join us and draw the comfort, strength, and delight that arises as we celebrate our shared journey.

Mark Friedman
Healing Stuck Relationships: From Judgment to Curiosity, Compassion, Courage, And Commitment
With Mark Friedman
Session Recorded: YES
Saturday June 24, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM MDT
This Session Full


In Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we use the metaphor of the giraffe and the jackal to understand the choice of attitude and connection/disconnection we may bring to our relationships and conversations. The giraffe, the land animal with the largest heart, represents a curious, compassionate and courageous individual who seeks connection in their conversations and relationships. The giraffe lives in the world of NVC or Needs-Consciousness. The jackal, a territorial and defensive opportunist, represents a disconnecting way of being: judgmental, defensive, dismissive, aggressive or attacking. The jackal lives in a world of domination or submission and right/wrong thinking. Nonviolent Communication may be described as a process of transforming judgment to curiousity or jackal to giraffe.

Healing Stuck Relationships is suitable for both new and proficient NVC practitioners as we will first explore the worlds of the Jackal and Giraffe, and then see how our awareness of those worlds can transform our stuck relationships from judgment to curiosity, compassion, courage and commitment. A six-part process of self-discovery, paired sharing and roleplays will be presented as a tool for transforming the unfulfilling, life-alienating conversations that regularly appear in our life into intimate, fulfilling, life-enriching connections that are filled with authentic compassion and courageous openness and honesty. Healing Stuck Relationships is designed to inspire participants to commit to living a life of transformation from judgment to curiousity or from jackal to giraffe.

David Steele
Respect, Responsibility, Requests
With David Steele
Session Recorded: YES
Saturday June 24, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MDT
This Session Full


Requests are where the rubber meets the road in NVC. They requite vulnerability, trust, and openness to outcome. We may hear a yes, we may hear a no. We may be called on to provides a yes or no ourselves. Seeing the worth in ourselves and in others is essential to supporting the vulnerability that requests require.

Requests populate the path to freedom. Freedom is one of the most fundamental human yearnings. In order to be free we must interact without coercion, associate freely. Yet to be effective in our world we must also get things done, attend to the necessities of life. What draws forth our willing participation? What inspires us to put forth effort? These are questions that must be addressed if we are to associate freely without coercion.

Respect is an expression of value, of understanding. It inspires our contribution. We demonstrate our respect by being responsible. Responsibility places us at the epicenter of our own experience where we can choose how we process and express, where we can respond with consciousness and deliberation.

When we are inspired by respect and act responsibly, we enhance self esteem. We gain the confidence, the security, the courage to be in integrity and honor boundaries. This is the foundation that enables us to live in a world of requests, cooperation, and freedom.

When we learn to put our attention on what is precious, both within ourselves and others, we are inspired to act responsibly, with consciousness and deliberation. We summon the courage and determination to honor our own boundaries and be attentive to the boundaries of others. We learn to live in integrity, cooperation, and freedom in the midst all of the yeses and nos.


All registrants will automatically be enrolled in this closing celebration and learning harvest. We will have opportunity to share our takeaways and inspirations and to acknowledge what matters to us.


It is said that the seen is supported by the unseen. Without the diligent support of Mark, Laura and their exceptional, multi-cultural, and globe-spanning support team this weekend would be much more difficult and bumpy. We are grateful to Mark and the volunteers he assembled to bring behind-the-scenes ease so that facilitators can focus on facilitation.

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